Prince Junior

This long, lean sex machine came up to our booth at a Black Pride event, cocky as hell but oozing a confidence and sensuality that ? for his age ? couldn?t be ignored. Big-dicked and with an ass you could eat ice cream out of, Prince Jr. is a tall drink of water ? or is it mocha latte? ? that could quench our thirst any day.

CHINO: So what?s up, man, how?d your photo shoot go?
PRINCE JR: Hey, it was cool ? I like showing off my piece, and my body.
CHINO: I?ll bet. From what I?ve seen, you?ve got reason to brag.
PRINCE JR: (laughs) Thanks, you wanna see for yourself? (He starts to stand)
CHINO: Nah, I?m cool. I believe you. Have you always known you were bisexual?

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