Rick The Ruler

I stumbled into this guy ? literally ? as I was exiting a tattoo parlor on South Beach, in the back of my head an idea of maybe getting a tribal band on my arm forgotten as I walked into Rick the Ruler ? who was standing on his head on the hot sidewalk, cutting up and drawing in business for the Miami Beach tattoo parlor. He fell for me, too ? right onto the burning pavement, as I bent to help him get up again, feeling like a fool for knocking the kid down.

But Rick the Ruler proved he could take care of himself, as the short boy-thug grinned a golden grill, telling me I had some ?kickin? eyes?. I thought Rick wasn?t so bad himself, and ? after verifying he was legal ? bought the kid lunch and hit him up with maybe doing some modeling to get his green. He bit at the chance, saying he preferred getting naked ? any day ? to acting like a clown on the hot streets of Miami for (as he puts it) ?minimum rage?.

Word got back to me, after, that Rick ruled on set at the shoot, as well (as you can see here). But three days later, the baby thug called my hotel room, right around midnight, and begged to come up. He was wired, saying he had to talk to me, and as I?m never one to turn down a hot young brotha with ten fat inches between his legs, I told him to come over.

?It was fuckin? SWEET!? he yelled, rushing into my hotel room about 90 seconds later (turns out, he?d been calling from downstairs). He grabbed my face and kissed me, hard, his tongue sliding in to slurp mine, and there was enough passion behind that kiss to make me dizzy. ?Thank ya, thank ya, thank ya, bro!? he whooped, breaking away from me as he plopped down on a chair and shed his wife beater. Shirtless, his body gleamed with a fine sheen of sweat in the lamplight next to him, and I had to pull my robe more tightly around me to hide my stiffening dick.

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