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Miami Boyz is the largest Latin-mega site I've ever been to. The site itself offers thousands (yes, thousands) of pictures of some certifiably sexy dudes and videos of almost every solo photo shoot on the site. A total of fifteen pages of pictures are broken down into newer photo sets, classic photo sets(2000-2003, around the time the site first started) and a page of member requested encore shoots. There are five pages of videos, provided in both Real Player and Windows Media Player formats. Clicking on the links will open the video in your stand-alone player since there is no in-browser player on the site. You can also download videos for later viewing or even burn to DVD if you have some favorite scenes. In the video sections you click on a models photo to be taken to the matching photo shoot, a nice feature that should go both ways (click a link in the photos section to take you to the corresponding video).

Two of the four bonus sites, Latino Bambinos and Latin Balls, provide some much needed penetration on a site filled with Boyz beating their massive dicks. The four videos on Latino Bambinos shift from month to month, which could be good or bad depending on your tastes. The other bonus sites offered are Live Daily Shows and Dick Show. These two are lukewarm at best and the Live Daily Shows site is powered by Java to allow the video chat feature so it may load really slow for some. The wait is not really worth it though. Three cams were available to select and only one actually had anyone in front of it. He was eating a sandwich. Necessary, but not necessarily sexy.

At $19.95 for a thirty day membership Miami Boyz is a cool site to get your fill of pictures and videos of sexy guys jerking off. I didn't see one model that rated any lower than an eight or nine and a few that could certainly make waves at the dorm. The downside is that with all these massive dicks, not one asshole gets fucked on the Miami Boyz site, instead they opt to provide the user with often empty chat rooms and an average variety of full length features on Latino Bambinos and Latin Balls. Still, if your a fan of hard bodied Latin hot Boyz beating massive dicks and popping off huge loads this site is for you.

Rating:: 4 (out of 5)


This is a free site which is always good. Sign up as a member to watch and post videos, pictures and comments . After you complete sign up you receive a credit for 5 X Dollars, for use in the video on demand feature. In order to receive your five free X Dollars you have to purchase at least $19.95(real money) in X Dollars. X Dollars translate straight to real money when redeemed for video purchases. You can rent full length movies for 24 hours, or purchase individual scenes from movies for about $1.75 a piece depending on the title and length of scene( Brieon in the Raw went for $7.44 for 24 hours or $.84 to $1.40 per scene).

The bread and butter of the site comes from the user submissions though. Clicking the 'video' link at the top of the page brings you to a list of 22 channels. Clicking on a channel brings up a selection of free user submissions and pay video on demand submissions. You can also type key words into the search field on the channel page to bring up videos that are in those categories. The system has a bit of trouble with weeding out exactly what you want, but you can usually find something to satisfy even your weirdest query (type in black + fisting and watch the fun begin).

All these horny, freaky ass dudes(and females) of all colors, shapes and sizes(and I do mean ALL sizes) for free? Of course there's a catch. For starters, most of the videos are only two or three minutes long. The videos that are longer seem to all be rips from ancient DVDs. The search function is a bit wacky and only the channels page has a search box. From there your kind of left to wander and find your way through all of the videos on the site. When you do find good ones you can save them as favorites and e-mail them to yourself or any horny friends you may have. Just don't forget to add your own late night freak shows to the mix while your at it.

Rating:: 4 (out of 5)