Yo, whatís good family! This ya boy Danger Zone liviní it up at the Helios Paradise Resort in Palm Springs, California. Breion Diamondís birthday Pool Party Fuck Fest was off the fizzy and Iím tryiní to write this joint while Iím waitiní for the after party. Ma man Anubis is one of the hottest up and cominí adult models out there, and he just got finished doiní his thing for an exotic photo shoot right here at Helios. Dude didnít even bother takiní a shower or gettiní dressed before talkiní to me. I thought I might have a little trouble concentratiní on the interview watchiní nut and shit drippiní off the brothaís dick, but thatís all in a dayís work for an industry soldier like Danger Zone. Nah mean? Anubis is a fine ass 6í5Ē, 210 pounded milk chocolate brotha wit a long thick nine inched piece, whose versatility is creatiní a high demand for his services. The sun is blaziní hot, and ya man Anubis is laid back in a lounge chair, butt naked.

DANGER ZONE: Yo, you need a towel or somín? I mean you sittiní there drippiní nut and sweat.
ANUBIS: Naw, Iím good. This is Helios man.
DANGER ZONE: Yeah, I feel you. This spot is hot, right?
ANUBIS: Itís cool. They really looked out, bringing me here for my shoot.
DANGER ZONE: How does it feel to finally get a shoot in wit FlavaMen?
ANUBIS: Iím grateful for the opportunity. Iíve done a couple of videos that turned out pretty nice and things are starting to fall in place.
DANGER ZONE: Do you see yourself becominí a major adult film star like a Castro or a Breion?
ANUBIS: Naw, not really. Iím a real laid back kind of guy; I donít want to get into it all like that. I just want to get paid. Know what Iím saying? Iím just getting what I can, while I can.
DANGER ZONE: I feel you fam. How did you get into it?
ANUBIS: I was doing a little escorting, and one of my clients told me about FlavaMen. I guess he was pleased with my services, and thought you guys would be too. I submitted an application and when they contacted me, I went with it.
DANGER ZONE: You tall as hell dog. And thick. Just the way I like ĎemÖ I mean, what do you think is the hottest scene youíve done so far?
ANUBIS: I donít know. I donít keep track of my work like that.
DANGER ZONE: Yeah, I guess itís easier not to get caught up, but I keep track of all mine. I love this shit cause I love sex. I mean, like how can you not reminisce on drilliní and gettiní drilled by a sexy ass brotha like Impulse in Raw Rods? Ma shit get hard just imagininí somín like that.
ANUBIS: (Smiling slightly) Itís just a job.
DANGER ZONE: So what you sayiní is, if I get wit ya boy Rock over at Rockafella Entertainment and talk Ďem into shootiní us in a scene fuckiní each other right now, youíd be cool wit it?

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