Iím at OíHare International Airport in Chi-town waiting for my flight back to Miami when I spot this hot ass medium mocha brown brother with delicious semi-full lips and amazing light hazel brown eyes, strutting past me. Heís got that rugged handsome thing going and I watch him approach the counter. I assume he receives the same news that I received five minutes earlier. Our flight is delayed about forty minutes. When our eyes meet as he sits directly across from me, I notice that his eyes are now more light oak than hazel. I also notice by a simple nod that heís ďwith itĒ. Almost on reflexes Iím pulling out my cards and offering him one. I explain who I am and what I do, and he takes the card smiling. We talk a little more and I find out that he is both a professional video dancer and exotic dancer.

It took me three weeks to convince Vishus to do a shoot for us and another three weeks to actually get him in the studio, but it was well worth the effort. The brother showed out in front of the cameras and gave us one of the hottest photo shoots Iíve seen since coming to FlavaMen. Iím waiting for him to shower and come out, while reflecting on how much I love my job, when he strolls in wearing loose sweats and a skin tight ass wife beater.

NTICE: That was some hot shit bro! Whatís up?
VISHUS: Thanks man. Whatís good wit you?
NTICE: Shit, just trying to get over your sexy ass. Iím glad you finally followed through and got it in. How did it feel?
VISHUS: It was wild. Different. Nothing at all like I expected.
NTICE: Word? Is that good or bad?
VISHUS: Just different. Iím not used to all the lights and shit, and people hanging around while Iím trying to concentrate or whatever.
NTICE: I feel you on that. The first shoot is always the hardest. Not everyone can ďget upĒ for this type of work, if you know what I mean. You got through it with ease, though. Do you think you might pursue more work in the adult industry?
VISHUS: Naw, I think this was my first and last time. Even though I been getting madd offers from brothers who want to do scenes with me since I been here. Whatís that about? Instead of asking a brother out or telling him that you like him, you ask him to do a scene with you?

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