Elmo Jackson back in Miami and shouting’ at y’all from where it all goes down, the Coco Dorm house. If you’ve been keeping up with the dorm dudes recently, then there is no doubt that tight little power bottom Jamarion has caught your eye. The first serious candidate for new Prince of the Dorm, this 6’2”, 180 pound gift of sexy caramel comes wrapped with the prettiest 9.5” cut package you ever did see and a fat juicy bubble ass that’s always just begging to get fucked. I sat down with Jamarion right after one of his solo shoots and his dick totally refused to go down! Talk about a hard day on the job!

JAMARION: You alright?
ELMO JACKSON: Yeah, I’m good. I just got a little star struck though.
JAMARION: For real?
ELMO JACKSON: You the hottest thing to hit the Dorm since...well since me.
JAMARION: Thanks yo.
JAMARION: Hell yeah, cause you was that pretty little shorty that didn’t even look old enough to tie his shoes, but dudes was tripping’ all over themselves to get a piece of that.
ELMO JACKSON: So true, and I think you succeeded.
JAMARION: Shit, I hope so.
ELMO JACKSON: Totally. I see the way they fight over that ass in the group scenes and from what I hear your head game is second to none.
JAMARION: Well I get a lot of practice these days, but that’s what’s up. I don’t think they could ever find me enough tell you the truth?
ELMO JACKSON: Oh really?
JAMARION: That’s why I picked the Dorm. I got a never ending stream of the sexiest tops in the country with those big donkey dicks that a boy like me just love to get up close and personal wit.
ELMO JACKSON: I heard that. What’s your favorite thing about a dick?
JAMARION: Definitely when it’s real long and thick. I always say a fat chocolate dick that’s ten or better is the remedy for whatever your problem happen to be. I like the way a nice big dick feel while it’s growing extra huge in my throat...pushing back against the back of my neck and shit. Pull it out and slap me in the face with that old heavy ass dick.....let me stop.
ELMO JACKSON: Don’t stop now. You got me and everyone else about to skeet in our pants.
JAMARION: I got myself about to skeet. Ass getting’ all juicy and shit.

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