Mitch Micheals

Houston Splash was truly worth attending this time around; everything about it was on point. The bars/clubs were jumping, the boys were as sexy as ever. Well you know me, all work and no play (yeah right), what I mean is that I never leave home without my camera equipment in hopes of finding a hot boy to shoot. Well, as luck would have it, I ran across a tall smooth glass of water by the name of Mitch Michaels. This tantalizing Texan was the highlight of my trip. I can go on and on but I'll let him talk.

DEVIN: Thanks for sticking around a little longer Mitch
MITCH: No problem shawty I ain't got shit else to do so it's kewl.
DEVIN: What was your reaction when I approached you about taking some photographs?
MITCH: I was like who da fuck is dis nukka stepping to me but you spoke money and shit we all know money talks.
DEVIN: Was this your first time showing your body in front of the camera?
MITCH: (Laughs), actually son it wasn't yo. Do you wanna hear some freaky shit?
DEVIN: I'm all ears.
MITCH: I had my best friend take pictures while I was fucking my girl at the time.
DEVIN: Come on Mitch that ain't freaky.
MITCH: Lemme finish yo! The freaky part was that at times my boy would be so close up with the camera that my nuts would be slappin him in the face.
DEVIN: Oh I see, did that turn you on?
MITCH: Man I ain't sayin dat cause I love pussy.
DEVIN: So what are you saying Mitch?

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