Sayvion, Aires & Scorpio

To say that this three-way was off da hook is an understatement. Sexy-Sayvion, Sinister-Scorpio and a guest appearance by the lil Hotboy-Aries without a doubt made the session hot. These three freaks got it on and poppin with some deep tongue - kissing and nipple sucking.

The temperature rose even higher when the clothes came off. With Sayvion?s tight and toned body, Scorpio?s suckable lips and big dick and Aries? petite frame they couldn?t keep their hands and mouths off one another. It turned me on to see Sayvion and Scorpio suck each other off while a hungry Aries sucked on whichever dick was available. The boys teased each other until they couldn?t hold back any longer. It was time for someone to get fucked and I wonder who was first in line. Aries wanted his hole filled in the worst way and Scorpio was the man who could do just that.

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