DeAngelo Jackson

NíTice coming to you once again from beautiful M.I.A. As always Iím checking for the sexiest brothas on the planet and I think I may have found him in DeAngelo Jackson. Born in Germany, his sexy body and gorgeous track back are only overshadowed by his beautiful 7.5Ē cut monster dick. I happened to spot him working out down on the beach and approached him about coming in for some photos. He was all smiles and later that same day DeAngelo strolled into the Flava Works office with those perfect pearly whites showing, ready to get to business. After an AMAZING two hour photo shoot, I finally got the chance to sit down with him, but my mind was HARDLY on the interview.

NTICE: I gotta start by saying that that was hot. Like...surface of the sun hot for real.
DEANGELO: Thanks. Thatís exactly what I was going for.
NTICE: Your a bit of a freak too. They told me the wax was your idea.
DEANGELO: Yeah, that was all me. I like the way it feel, especially when it hit the nipples.
NTICE: I noticed you had both of your pierced. Thatís gotta hurt sometimes right?
DEANGELO: Not really. When I first did it they got kind of sore, but in like a week I realized that they had gotten hella sensitive. Like...even a little breeze blow on Ďem and they get hard. Itís crazy.
NTICE: For real? Can I try?
DEANGELO: Oh word? Yeah go ahead.

[I couldnít help myself, and even if Iíd wanted to go back on my offer as soon as DeAngelo lifted his shirt and I got a glimpse of that gorgeous Hershey kiss body I had to put my mouth all over his nipple and swirl it around his piercing. Sure enough his nipple got hard damn near instantly and I almost got a little lost....pulled it back though cause I am a professional!]

NTICE: Damn dude that is crazy, and it taste good too. Like strawberries for real.
DEANGELO: Really? Thatís the first time I heard that.
NTICE: You know what else is crazy? Your body. I could cut diamonds on your stomach my dude. I mean....soon as I think Iíve seen my favorite part I get a look at something else and Iím like...damn!
DEANGELO: Thanks yo. You not that bad yourself though. You was looking real good on the beach for sure.
NTICE: I try to work out a little something...but you gotta be in the gym 24/7 sweatiní hard. I can see you now banging out sets on the bench with all the little gym rats watching you out the corner of they eyes.
DEANGELO: Not really. Maybe one or two times a week at the most. Mostly I just try to stay active. Running, swimming, I love to play ball. Got a decent football game too.

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