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Tyson - This was also one of the hottest photo-shoots I’ve ever been at; Tyson was professional, turned on and hard as rock almost from word. That smile would have everyone in tha room turned on one minute – thinking, “Man, to wake up to THAT every morning would be sweet!” – and then the next he’d be so focused on working his magic and his member, that the whole room went silent (and the temperature up a few degrees) just ‘cause everyone was so turned on. After it was all over and this sexy brotha had taken a shower I would have given a lot to have been a part of – Tyson and I sat down on a loveseat and hung out for awhile, discussing his life and dreams. He’s a hot guy, a cool guy – and definitely has some strong opinions on how he sees the world … and how the world sees him. Check it!


Events - Keepin it real like we always do. Check it!

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C-Lo - C-Lo is like my baby brother; he was the first dude I met in Miami, and even now we hang out and raise a WHOLE lotta hell together. For someone his age especially, this light-skinned, pretty-boy shorty sure as hell has his act together – and though it took me awhile to do it, it was cool when C finally said hell yeah to posing for my favorite magazine. Tha brotha is cute, funny as hell, and has a body (and certain body parts) worth not only a look but a taste. Check it!

Hotrod - Man, the east coast produces some hot brothas. Hot Rod’s smoldering stare is kinda like coming home after a longass day of work in the middle of winter – to find the fireplace already lit and the house as toasty as marshmallows at a campfire. That’s just Hot Rod’s way, not only in those big coffee-colored eyes but also when you’re talking to tha dude; he’s on the quiet side, obviously shy and not much used to talking about himself. Check it!

Ricardo Guerrerio - Ricardo’s body is a work of art, and not to use a feminine term but in person tha man just brings tha word “beautiful” to your mind. Tha boi’s a work of art from head to toe on his own – without the tatts – but Ricardo’s also turned his body into a canvas worth exploring … visually, through touch and taste – you name it. This brotha all but begged to sit in on the photo session after Ricardo had signed up for tha program – and afterward, I got the bigger blessing of curlin’ up on a couch with this Brazilian boy-toy for a chat (through an interpreter) about the man behind tha smile … and all them tattoos. Check it!

Sonic - We found Sonic at a stoplight – after getting his car bumped from behind by a pretty little female with a blonde weave, who was almost crying ‘cause she’d hit him. As I pulled over to the curb in my own car to watch, I saw Sonic jump outta his Mustang pissed as hell when he got hit … but he calmed down right away so that the little lady who bumped him wouldn’t go more to pieces than she already had. It was a minor bump in a quiet south Florida neighborhood, no bloodshed and even less drama, and after they’d swapped their info – and Sonic had told this gal, for like the 800th time, that everything was cool and he wasn’t gonna sue her – I got outta my car right as she was pulling away, getting together tha balls myself to approach this fine, dreamy-eyed brotha. Check it!