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Axl - “I knew I was addicted to sex from a very early age,” he says, no shame in his game. “I was fooling around with kissing and other oral stuff with this girl next door when we were ten years old. By fifteen I was already sneaking into the one adult bookstore I had to take a long bus ride to get to, using a fake I.D. just to peek through the magazines, looking at those titties, and then work my way to the booths in the back – where tha action there freaked me out so bad, I stopped going after the second time.” Check it!


Flava Events - Where there is FlavaMen there's some crazy parties going on fa sho! Check it!

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Baby Boy and Columbia - A sweet, sexy, soulful kiss was only the beginning when we put the experienced Baby Boy with new kid on da block Columbia – and the cameras began to role. Baby Boy – who can play dominant topman or submissive bottom boi with tha same passion – took control of the situation here, and the braided bottom brotha Columbia was glad to be along for tha ride. Tha bois went hard and heavy for well over an hour, sweating up themselves and tha cameras, and things got so hot and heavy that afterward only Baby Boy could be grabbed long enough for a quick sit-down conversation. Check it!

Jersey Kidd - Jersey Kidd is like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – on the outside, you got this sweet-ass chocolate coating you can’t wait to taste … and you know will melt in your mouth. You lick your lips in anticipation, then dive right in just when you at your hungriest. But then – on the inside – you find you got a different kind of flava; also sweet, but with a different texture and taste than what you expected. But both inside and out blend to make a treat that’s got a lot more inside it than you think it. Check it!

Merecio - For real, this brotha has what it takes – and in a hotel suite decked out more to look like an ancient Roman bath, the sexy, long-legged Connecticut native stretched out and pulled it out – for a photo-shoot that shows why Merecio is on his way to becomin’ a superstar. Check it!