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Chase Carter - Muscles are just popping everywhere on this bad boy top who lays that pipe errwhere he can. Chase came over for a special 1 on 1 interview showing off all his mad dick skills. Fine body and a piece to match, he's truly the creme de la creme of black thugs. Check it!

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Demarco Strong - Our cover boy Demarco got a billion reasons to be confident. This well endowed cocky man has a mega physique and a big hard dick to fuck with. Tall and all muscle, Demarco knows how to handle himself and it shows. Straight, but he's got the balls to show it all for you readers in this sizzling centerfold! Check it!

Neiko Nolan - Cute Neiko rollin up in dis piece right here thinking he can woo us with his charms and boyish good looks. Well, turns out he's right! Our photographer just couldn't keep it in his pants and had to catch this cutie from all angles. Check it!

Trell Truman - Always gotta have that innocent pretty boy in every issue, and here he is. Only 18 years young, but all professional already when it comes to stripping down for yall. It didn't take him long to make up his mind and bare it all. He knows he's got a fantastic body, so why not make some cash with it? As for the rest of us, we get to enjoy the show! Check it!

Tyrelle - All thug, you don't fuck wit dis brotha. Big and strong and mean as hell. He can sling some dick and handle himself on the mean streets of Chicago. When approached for a shoot he don't give a fuck what it was about, he just wanted the money and stroke his ego, and dick for you. Check dis thug out! Check it!