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S-Dob - The 20-year-old Chicagoan who graces the cover of this month's issue was once nicknamed by a stripper (female, damnit) "Knees and Please" - because, according to her, one look at his babyboy smile and toned, smooth physique makes you "drop to your knees and holla out 'PLEASE!'" S Dob blushes even as he tells us this story, but at the same time you can tell he's proud of the nickname - and has probably used it to his advantage with ladies all over the Midwest. Check it!

Model Teasers:

Brent and Mr Saukei - We like playing matchmaker here. Especially if it charges up the electricity in the room like these two horny, light-skinned homies did when north and south collided in our studios on a warm spring day in May. Since the recent move to Florida, we wanted to put together a pair of well-matched brothas - one from our old home in the Chicago area, and one from our new digs in the region of Miami, Florida - and we think we got real lucky. Check it!

Danger - Named after what he's been known for on the football field since college, Miami native Danger is a hulking bulk of testosterone-filled chocolate bar with a sensitive side (his favorite film: The Color Purple) who makes the ladies sit up and take notice - or lie down and take their medicine. From the smoky eyes and kissable lips on down, taking this beefcake in one slice at a time is a sweat-streaked joy - and when spotted at a firehouse chatting with a buddy, it was obvious right away that here was a man who'd be appreciated naked and in print. Check it!

Ruan - We signed up this Brazilian slab of beef the minute we laid eyes on him on the streets of Rio. The guy radiates total manhood, from his disarming smile to trim but toned physique - and the sick part is, he's sweet as apple pie, too, without a conceited bone in his body. We side with the Greek - this boy is pure boyfriend material, and we're proud to feature him in his first nude photo- shoot ever. Check it!


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Web Reviews - What is BadPuppy ??? No, it isn't a website about how to discipline your misbehaving canine. BadPuppy is one of the biggest web portals for grade A smut. As the tag line says, "get more images, live sex, streaming video, and access to more websites." Check it!