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Roberto Nica - This issue’s centerfold is the real deal. He’s not Evander Holyfield, but the latin welterweight Roberto Nica is undoubtedly pound for pound, one of the hottest models to ever grace our cover. At 5’8” his smooth perfectly toned golden brown physique and thick uncut pinga, make him an irresistible mocha delight. Who wouldn’t want to step up to the challenge and try a few rounds with this 27-year-old ex-golden glove champion from sunny Miami, Florida? Okay, maybe not in the ring, but definitely in the bed. Check it!

Model Teasers:

Caramel D - Yo, when I first peeped Caramel D’s pic in my stack of models to interview my shit got hard. No bullshit. I saw that smooth creamed coffee brown skin, that thugged out pretty boy face and that tight ass compact 5’7” pit bull frame, and I was done son. I noticed that he said he was “straight” on his application, but that’s just a word to me, know what I’m sayin’. I knew I had to catch his shoot from start to finish. Check it!

Flamez - It’s a kind of brisk early spring morning for south Florida, but the sky is clear and the sun is bright in my eyes as I’m taking my usual morning run through my neighbor-hood with Lil Wayne blaring on my ipod. So, I’m cruising along at a nice pace and I notice a garbage truck pass me by. I al-most trip on a crack in the sidewalk when I see what jumps off the side of it. This hot 5’7” chulo was looking like a straight up latin king in a jumpsuit with a yellow bandanna wrapped around his head and headphones around his neck. He gives me that infamous “look” as I trot past him and I know that I have just discovered another exquisite Flava Men treasure. Check it!

Schann - Yo, this is ya boy Danger Zone settin’ it off wit ma man Schann, the sexy young hottie from Miami, Florida currently scorchin’ the pages of this year’s Flava Men summer issue wit his stunning 5’11” muscular frame and mighty nine inches of dick. His shit is just how I like ‘em too; long and fat wit a rough imperfectly circumcised head. Home boy dazzled our crew wit his charm and charisma, treatin’ us to a spectacular display of sensual manhood while he jacked his tantalizin’ pecan tanned magic stick into an eventual hot thick milky climax. Check it!