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Marco Scott - Once again itís Eufeimeo coming back at yíall with yet another drop dead gorgeous cover model. This time, itís the newest addition to the family, Marco Scott. This six foot tall, one hundred eighty seven pound bisexual Brazilian packs a thick eight inch uncut dick and a body chiseled out of stone. Check it!


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Cody Kyler and Ninja Nixon - I just got the privilege of watching two of FlavaWorks fastest rising talents get together for a scorching hot show. Of course Iím talking about the drop dead sexy Ninja Nixon and the soft, young pretty boy Cody Kyler. Check it!

Jesse Rabbit - For those of you who havenít gotten the chance to see him in action yet, itís well worth the trip to to see this 19 year old Louisiana native fuck. Standing at five foot nine inches tall and a lean, mean 155 pounds, this versatile pretty boy has a thick nine inches of fat black dick and a beautiful backside, both just begging to be put to good work. Check it!

Leo Luv - His name is Leo Luv and heís a definite dime piece. Standing about six feet even and light as a feather at 145, Iíve been peeking in on his photo shoot for the last hour or so and I CANíT WAIT to get a chance to speak with this one. Check it!