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Phat Daddy - This sexy, tall and boyishly-charming young mixed-race brotha was found on a recent trip to the movies. Me and a couple of friends were hanging out and decided to see an action flick - but it was real obvious that all the action wasn't happening on the screen, but instead about four rows behind us, where this guy and girl were making out and slurping on each other like sex was five minutes away from being outlawed as a felony. Check it!

Model Teasers:

Lil CT - Lil CT has the kind of eyes that bore through you - there's both a brain and some sensitivity behind them - and tha versatile dude seems like a deep sort of soul for someone only 20 years old. After his shoot, he sat down to talk and yeah - you can tell tha brotha is deep. Check it!

Onyx D, OPP and RT - What do ya get when you take three hot and horny dudes - two brothas and one seriously thugged-out Latino - and take them from their day job doing construction (where each has to live their day acting straighter than a ruler, in front of all those bulging muscles and even more bulging jeans)... then put them in a room, and ask them to show you how the guys really play when the prying eyes are away. Check it!

Rhino - I was hooked on this man with no shame in his game from word, and being that rhinos are heading toward extinction, I dame FO' SHO' wanted to capture this dude on film forever! I gave him a card before his girl got back, and left the club having never seen my friend, my body in a cold sweat and heart racing and remembering those little sprigs of hair sticking out of the open throat of his black shirt. DAMN, this was one fine straight boy! Check it!

Tony Montana - When Tony Montana strolled into our offices during a model call, with that killer grin lighting up his pretty-boy-thug face like a thousand-watt spotlight, we knew even before tha dude's clothes were off that this was FlavaMan material. Check it!