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N'Tice - Allow me to introduce you to NíTice, a sexy caramel drop hailing from Austell, Georgia by way of Dallas, Texas. This hard bodied specimen comes to us from the strip clubs where heís made a name for himself as one of the freakiest adult performers to grace the stage. With a huge nine and a half inched pinga and an eclectic mix of tattoos sprinkled all over his body, NíTice can take you there in a blink of an eye. I had the pleasure of sitting down with him for an intimate one on one conversation in our Miami studios after watching him sizzle our camera lenses in his photo shoot. Check it!

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Anubis - Yo, whatís good family! This ya boy Danger Zone liviní it up at the Helios Paradise Resort in Palm Springs, California. Breion Diamondís birthday Pool Party Fuck Fest was off the fizzy and Iím tryiní to write this joint while Iím waitiní for the after party. Ma man Anubis is one of the hottest up and cominí adult models out there, and he just got finished doiní his thing for an exotic photo shoot right here at Helios. Dude didnít even bother takiní a shower or gettiní dressed before talkiní to me. I thought I might have a little trouble concentratiní on the interview watchiní nut and shit drippiní off the brothaís dick, but thatís all in a dayís work for an industry soldier like Danger Zone. Nah mean? Check it!

Freakzilla Diego - Iím at this show out in LA and I really donít want to be there. My friend dragged me downtown to this spruced up hole in the wall, because there is this dude that I have to see. This is not the first ďperfect dimeĒ that he has dragged me to check out. They are usually fives at best and strung out on drugs. Iím only there because the drinks are on him and I plan to be shitfaced by the end of the night. As it gets closer to time for dude to come on, my friend is getting crazy. Almost stupid. Iím thinking nobody looks that good, so Iím expecting this guy to be busted. But when this hot ass five-foot-ten inched pecan tanned brother named FreakZilla, with sexy hazel brown eyes and the body of a kung-fu dragon master, steps on stage; I get stupid! Check it!

Mikeal Race - Mikeal Race is hot. Plain and simple. This sexy eighteen-year-old redbone comes to us straight from the CocoDorm, oozing with the confidence of a man twice his age. Iíve been feeling this hot young brother since day one. From his dreamy bedroom eyes to his pretty light brown dick hanging eight inches low. Mikealís skin is smooth as fresh churned butter and his moist brownish pink lips seem like they were designed solely to be kissed. I watched the video from his photo shoot a good fifty times before I conducted a telephone interview with him, while he was in Pittsburgh on a little hiatus from the dorm. Check it!