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Dr. Feel Good - A quick trip to the cafeteria downstairs led me to finding this young med student in full smock and stethoscope. The good doctor, currently working on his residency via the University of Illinois, caught me staring at him three times before asking me what the fuck I wanted. Check it!


Flava Events - We just don't stop to party hard and give ya'll a good show. Check it!

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Breion and Prophet - Like even a crowbar could pry these two apart ? Check it!

Chico - The Midwest breeds some phyne ass men, and Chico was a discovery that had the office buzzing for days. Slim, all man and sexy as hell. Check it!

Claudio and Marques - ?This is great! You two already know each other!? I said, grinning like a fool. Then, before I could give them time to think, I motioned for Claudio to stand next to Marques, and I started filming. Check it!

Johnathan - Johnathan proved himself to be warm, friendly, and up for a photo shoot BIG TIME ? turns out the boy spends so much time at the beach, he?s gotten used to wearing as little clothing as necessary. Check it!

Prince Junior - Big-dicked and with an ass you could eat ice cream out of, Prince Jr. is a tall drink of water ? or is it mocha latte? Check it!

Yusef Johnson - Yusef turned out to be a real sweetheart, shy to the point of being embarrassed when I asked him about posing nude. He?d never posed nude before, but the more I spoke with him the more the idea seemed to intrigue him ? even turn him on. Check it!


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Website Reviews - This time Krave's looking at what's hot in the online dating game. Check it!