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Rock - In less than two years Rock, the CEO of Rockafellaz Entertainment has taken the industry by storm. The FlavaMen Winter 08 Cover Model and Centerfold was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and is probably one of the most powerful black men in the adult film industry. This sexy chulo is a rough and rugged man’s man. Hard as a rock (no pun intended). His body art is tasteful, well placed and provocative. His braids say “thug”, his perfectly groomed face and mustache say “businessman” and his thick and juicy 10.5” pinga says... “I’m the shit!” None of his success has gone to his head. Rock is down to earth and accessible; willin’ to break in new blood wherever he can. Check it!


Flava Events - Yep, we still partying like it's 1999. Yall shoulda been there! Check it!

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Eufeimeo - When I first saw EUFEIMEO I was jealous as hell, I can’t front. The hot 19-year-old Baltimore native came in, rocked the CocoDorm, and then bounced. With smooth golden brown skin, perfect pearly white teeth, bushy eyebrows and a tight naturally lean body; the brother was irresistible and attracted people to him like a magnet. He was too cute, too nice and too happy-go-lucky. Then I realized that I was hating. There was nothing wrong with this kid. He was madd cool and finer than a motherfucker. The type of dude that makes your heart skip a beat. It wasn’t his fault, he had it like that. Check it!

Ice King - Yo what’s crackin’ family!? This ya boy Baby Boy back at you wit ma man Ice King. This 22-year-old blatino reppin’ Miami Beach got that classic pretty boy look wit commandin’ eyes, ruby red lips and a heart meltin’ smile. Sexier than a mothafucka! He’s a single bisexual top packin’ nine phat inches of dick. I ain’t gonna front y’all, I want this one! I watched him bust off for his shoot and ma shit was hard as a brick. Check it!

Vishus - I’m at O’Hare International Airport in Chi-town waiting for my flight back to Miami when I spot this hot ass medium mocha brown brother with delicious semi-full lips and amazing light hazel brown eyes, strutting past me. He’s got that rugged handsome thing going and I watch him approach the counter. I assume he receives the same news that I received five minutes earlier. Our flight is delayed about forty minutes. When our eyes meet as he sits directly across from me, I notice that his eyes are now more light oak than hazel. I also notice by a simple nod that he’s “with it”. Check it!


Flesh to Flesh - Flesh to Flesh, the newest hottest erotic stories. Check out the review of this sexy masterpiece right here! “Flesh To Flesh” restored my faith in the genre of erotic novels! Check it!