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Alex Flex - Amidst all the sexyazz straight, bi and taken brothas, it's with pride that we say this issue's cover- boi is not only a brotha-on-brotha kind of brotha ... he's also single! Add to that he's young, fine as shyt, and has a face, body and dick that would make the raunchiest of thugs crawl da streets to get to ... and you got Alex Flex, tha cherry on top of the sundae that IS tha summer dudes in this issue. Check it!


Flava Events - Flava back on tha scene partying like rock stars. Make sure to stop by sometime and meet the stars of FlavaMen! Check it!

Model Teasers:

69 - This light-skinned tower of a man (he stands 6'9", in case you're wondering how he really got this name) was referred to us by another model. When he came into the office to speak with the magazine ... well, it don't really hit you until you see the dude, just how tall THAT tall is. There was no doubt, though, that the mixed-race dude was one sexy-ass thug - with pretty much a perfect body, ripped abs, and a big ten-and-a-half-inch dick that the brotha likes to swing around like a billy club. Check it!

Breion Diamond, Merecio and Mr Saukei - Breion, at only 21, is already close to icon status in the industry. His thirst for dick and ass can't be filled, and when everyone piled on the leather sofa it was obvious from word that Merecio - the newbie of the group - wasn't 100% prepared for the gangsta appetite of one of our finest. He got used to it real fast soon as the bois got naked and Breion's lips started working him over - and pretty soon, it was kind of hard for the cameras to keep up with one of the hottest threeways of play we've ever put onto film; even Mr. Saukei twisted that sexy little dancer's body of his into a few positions even WE'D never seen him in before. Check it!

J-Kwon - Sometimes life just blesses you when you least expect it. And making a left turn when ya should have made a right can lead you to a goldmine. That's what happened when I found myself lost on a series of crunk-looking streets in Florida, trying to follow directions I'd written on a napkin to the house of a dude I met in a bar the night before. My handwriting ain't for shit, and pretty soon I realized I'd made a couple of wrong turns and was totally lost - in a not-so-great neighborhood covered in graffiti. It was late afternoon and I was getting frustrated as hell, heading west with the setting sun half-blinding me... Check it!

Nick Da Kannon - You can for sho' check out Nick's cannon in a coupla films already, but da kid is sort of new to tha modeling game - tho' ready to blow up BIG as the 11-inch piece that schwangs between his strong, lean legs. A bisexual brotha from Caliland, Nick sent us some photos of his fine self to break into that biz, along with a cover letter that sounded cocky as hell. Soon as we spied the photos - that good-looking thug face, and that huge donkey-piece he goes to bat with - we realized the cockiness was deserved, and signed da dude right away. Check it!


Web Reviews - Miami Boyz and XTube get looked at up in dis here piece and our guy likes what he sees. He gets blinded so easily by all the porn, but check these sites out fa sho. It's quality stuff. Check it!