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Tyson Kobie - Tyson Kobie is a deliciously smooth golden brown skinned thugs thug out of Seattle, Washington. With his hairless baby face, washboard abs and chiseled pecs accented with nipples that seem more like irresistible chocolate chips, this sexy young brother is on a mission to become one of the biggest porn stars ever. Although he is naturally straight, he is an extremely mature 19-year-old with a solid 59 frame and a good nine inches of thick caramel brown dick. And Tyson Kobie is willing to fuck whoever dares to lie down in front of him. Man or woman. Check it!


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Lex - Far removed from the usual bright lights and big city atmosphere of Miami, Im here in Wilmington, Delaware to catch up with Lex, one of the highest rated models across all of our amazing sites. Standing at 511 and packing 8 of cut pinga beneath a lean 170 pounds of well defined....everything, this bi-sexual chulo will have you undressed and ready to do whatever within seconds of a gaze from those penetrating brown eyes. He certainly had me ready to do some thangs when I sat down with him after his steaming photo shoot. Check it!

Taz Alexanders - This time its 19-year-old Taz Alexanders, currently visiting the Dorm from Tacoma, Washington. One of the many hotties currently residing at the Dorm. Taz, who clocks in at 510 tall and 135 pounds of chocolate muscle, says that his best feature has got to be his thick, 7 cut dick. Always hard and ready for some action, I caught Taz outside the Dorm as he was washing one of his tips. Check it!

Tu Tigeraso and Willie Grays - Elmo Jackson here, this time coming at yall from beautiful Santo Domingo where I had the pleasure of sitting down with two of the hottest papis on the planet and exclusive models with, Tu Tigueraso and Willie Grays. The raw chemistry between these two was evident from the second I walked through the door and when I got the chance to sit down with them I found out why. Check it!