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Alex Flex - Amidst all the sexyazz straight, bi and taken brothas, it's with pride that we say this issue's cover- boi is not only a brotha-on-brotha kind of brotha ... he's also single! Add to that he's young, fine as shyt, and has a face, body and dick that would make the raunchiest of thugs crawl da streets to get to ... and you got Alex Flex, tha cherry on top of the sundae that IS tha summer dudes in this issue. Check it!

American Dream - Check it!

Arquez - Arquez is so super fine it's hard to imagine someone that sexy exists on this earth. But of course that's our job here at FlavaMen to find you only the best brothas out there. Arquez got one hell of a body and ain't shy in showing it off, so check this fine specimen out! Check it!

Axl - “I knew I was addicted to sex from a very early age,” he says, no shame in his game. “I was fooling around with kissing and other oral stuff with this girl next door when we were ten years old. By fifteen I was already sneaking into the one adult bookstore I had to take a long bus ride to get to, using a fake I.D. just to peek through the magazines, looking at those titties, and then work my way to the booths in the back – where tha action there freaked me out so bad, I stopped going after the second time.” Check it!

Baby Boy and Robson Costa - The Pandora?s Box opened wide from there, and in minutes the two were undressing each other, Baby Boy?s mouth all over his handsome new thug-friend. Robson grinned, at times holding his dick away from Baby Boy so the kid couldn?t touch, but this brotha wasn?t taking no for an answer. My camera kept flashing away, catching it all, and I was smart enough to shut up and let it all flow naturally. Check it!

Baby Star 2 - This is your boy King Dingo, here in beautiful Miami excited to be talking with one of my favorite stars and one that I love working with. If you have not seen us together in our hot session on, you need to wait on reading this interview and get your ass to your computer, log in, and beat. This summer’s cover boy is sexy as hell, it’s the new fresh face Baby Star. Check it!

Black Noir - Check it!

Chase Carter - Muscles are just popping everywhere on this bad boy top who lays that pipe errwhere he can. Chase came over for a special 1 on 1 interview showing off all his mad dick skills. Fine body and a piece to match, he's truly the creme de la creme of black thugs. Check it!

Chris Cruz - This Cuban fantasy not only has the body, he's also blessed with a handsome face and the most gorgeous eyes. Check it!

Danger Zone - “A warning and a promise.” says Danger when asked to explain his name. Judging from the mean mug on this 19 year old Miami natives face you wouldn’t want to meet him in a back alley or approach him on the streets for that matter. This bi chulo makes double sure that anyone man enough to step to him walks away with a smile on his face though, and his fat nine inch pinga is just as dangerous as the brotha himself. Nothing wrong with asking him a few questions I hope. Check it!

DeAngelo Jackson - As always I’m checking for the sexiest brothas on the planet and I think I may have found him in DeAngelo Jackson. Born in Germany, his sexy body and gorgeous track back are only overshadowed by his beautiful 7.5” cut monster dick. I happened to spot him working out down on the beach and approached him about coming in for some photos. He was all smiles and later that same day DeAngelo strolled into the Flava Works office with those perfect pearly whites showing, ready to get to business. After an AMAZING two hour photo shoot, I finally got the chance to sit down with him, but my mind was HARDLY on the interview. Check it!

Dr. Feel Good - A quick trip to the cafeteria downstairs led me to finding this young med student in full smock and stethoscope. The good doctor, currently working on his residency via the University of Illinois, caught me staring at him three times before asking me what the fuck I wanted. Check it!

Fausto - This hottie was more than willing to show off the accomplishments of hard work. Check it!

Heat - This Philadelphia hotboy is the object of many men's wet dreams. I first met Heat in Philly a couple of years ago at a local gym and even back then the body was on point. A very friendly Heat approached me and asked if I needed to be spotted and that was kewl so we ended up doing our remaining sets together... Check it!

Joker Vasquez - This cover model has already made major inroads in the adult entertainment industry having been discovered by the fine folks over at CocoDorm. He is is one slim sexy papi with the right package and mind to make it big and he is showing it all in our photoshoot. The energy on the set was off the hook, sizzling with excitement. Check him out so you know what we're all about! Check it!

Malo - Malo is one sexy ass mutha, he's one fine package and he's got the passion to show it all off in the best light. This for sure is one of our hottest shoots! Check it!

Marco Scott - Once again it’s Eufeimeo coming back at y’all with yet another drop dead gorgeous cover model. This time, it’s the newest addition to the family, Marco Scott. This six foot tall, one hundred eighty seven pound bisexual Brazilian packs a thick eight inch uncut dick and a body chiseled out of stone. Check it!

N'Tice - Allow me to introduce you to N’Tice, a sexy caramel drop hailing from Austell, Georgia by way of Dallas, Texas. This hard bodied specimen comes to us from the strip clubs where he’s made a name for himself as one of the freakiest adult performers to grace the stage. With a huge nine and a half inched pinga and an eclectic mix of tattoos sprinkled all over his body, N’Tice can take you there in a blink of an eye. I had the pleasure of sitting down with him for an intimate one on one conversation in our Miami studios after watching him sizzle our camera lenses in his photo shoot. Check it!

Ninja Nixon - He looks like a certain incarcerated rapper doesn’t he? Don’t worry, he hears it a lot but all this 21-year-old Sagittarius from Baltimore is concerned with right now is taking the industry by storm. He should not have any problems doing so. With 8” of cut dick, a BEAUTIFUL backside and smooth, blemish free skin, don’t let his thuggish mean mug fool you. Check it!

Phat Daddy - This sexy, tall and boyishly-charming young mixed-race brotha was found on a recent trip to the movies. Me and a couple of friends were hanging out and decided to see an action flick - but it was real obvious that all the action wasn't happening on the screen, but instead about four rows behind us, where this guy and girl were making out and slurping on each other like sex was five minutes away from being outlawed as a felony. Check it!

Roberto Nica - This issue’s centerfold is the real deal. He’s not Evander Holyfield, but the latin welterweight Roberto Nica is undoubtedly pound for pound, one of the hottest models to ever grace our cover. At 5’8” his smooth perfectly toned golden brown physique and thick uncut pinga, make him an irresistible mocha delight. Who wouldn’t want to step up to the challenge and try a few rounds with this 27-year-old ex-golden glove champion from sunny Miami, Florida? Okay, maybe not in the ring, but definitely in the bed. Check it!

Rock - In less than two years Rock, the CEO of Rockafellaz Entertainment has taken the industry by storm. The FlavaMen Winter 08 Cover Model and Centerfold was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and is probably one of the most powerful black men in the adult film industry. This sexy chulo is a rough and rugged man’s man. Hard as a rock (no pun intended). His body art is tasteful, well placed and provocative. His braids say “thug”, his perfectly groomed face and mustache say “businessman” and his thick and juicy 10.5” pinga says... “I’m the shit!” None of his success has gone to his head. Rock is down to earth and accessible; willin’ to break in new blood wherever he can. Check it!

Ruff Ryder - With 12.5? of caramel thick, juicy, vein filled uncut dick and long tasty balls be ready for the ride of your life! This bi-racial Philly native loves to hit it from the back. When I asked why, his reply was ?I like to see dat ass shake and jiggle around my dick?. Check it!

S-Dob - The 20-year-old Chicagoan who graces the cover of this month's issue was once nicknamed by a stripper (female, damnit) "Knees and Please" - because, according to her, one look at his babyboy smile and toned, smooth physique makes you "drop to your knees and holla out 'PLEASE!'" S Dob blushes even as he tells us this story, but at the same time you can tell he's proud of the nickname - and has probably used it to his advantage with ladies all over the Midwest. Check it!

Saint D - Saint D's name fits him about the same way "Curly" fit the bald dude from the Three Stooges. We're assuming the "D" comes via Dallas - where this sexy, long and lean brotha with the killer smile hails from - but "saint" he ain't... as we quickly learned the first time we saw him on the dance floor at a FlavaMen event. Tha brotha moves like a panther; catlike and graceful, but 100% masculine. Check it!

T.I. Da King - We took one look at him (and got his shirt off), then asked how big his dick was... and that answer made us immediately sign this young, baby-faced thug up for a shoot. Now Da King is on the cover of (and the centerfold for) the very magazine he wanted to sweep floors or make copies or run errands for. Check it!

Tyson - This was also one of the hottest photo-shoots I’ve ever been at; Tyson was professional, turned on and hard as rock almost from word. That smile would have everyone in tha room turned on one minute – thinking, “Man, to wake up to THAT every morning would be sweet!” – and then the next he’d be so focused on working his magic and his member, that the whole room went silent (and the temperature up a few degrees) just ‘cause everyone was so turned on. After it was all over and this sexy brotha had taken a shower I would have given a lot to have been a part of – Tyson and I sat down on a loveseat and hung out for awhile, discussing his life and dreams. He’s a hot guy, a cool guy – and definitely has some strong opinions on how he sees the world … and how the world sees him. Check it!

Tyson Kobie - Tyson Kobie is a deliciously smooth golden brown skinned thug’s thug out of Seattle, Washington. With his hairless baby face, washboard abs and chiseled pecs accented with nipples that seem more like irresistible chocolate chips, this sexy young brother is on a mission to become one of the biggest porn stars ever. Although he is naturally straight, he is an extremely mature 19-year-old with a solid 5’9” frame and a good nine inches of thick caramel brown dick. And Tyson Kobie is willing to fuck whoever dares to lie down in front of him. Man or woman. Check it!

Usher Richbanks - I just had a great night at one of the hottest clubs in the city and one of the sexiest dancers on the east coast was swinging in his 10” big black dick just for me. He is still a virgin to the screen of porn but my instincts tell me that it is only a matter of time before he will be taking his sexy moves in front of the camera. His photo shoot was definitely one of the hottest ones to date. Check it!

Xavier Vega - Xavier Vega is a picture of pure Latino perfection. This 26 year old cutie is new to the business, but don’t let his inexperience fool you. This bi-sexual native of Evanston, IL stands at 5’11” and weighs 135 pounds. He’s got the cutest booty you ever did see and a pretty 9” uncut cock. He loves to fuck, but says that one day getting topped may not be out of the question... Check it!

Zahfar - Check it!


Blatino Awards 2010 - FlavaMen Blatino Awards, the one and only awards to honor the ethnic porn and party scene. Check out our coverage of this hot event! Check it!

Events - Another day, another party. FlavaMen making sure everybody gon party hard! Check it!

Events - FlavaMen always wit ya partying. And don't forget to check the pics from our first BlatinoAwards show! Check it!

Events - Keepin it real like we always do. Check it!

Events - So many events, so little time to attend them all, but yall gotta make sure to show up to some of them. Flava knows how to throw a party fa sho! Check it!

Events - We like to papaparty hard! Check it!

Flava Events - Flava Men Magazine sponsored many events in 2004 and 2005. Here are pictures from just a few of them. Check it!

Flava Events - Flava back on tha scene partying like rock stars. Make sure to stop by sometime and meet the stars of FlavaMen! Check it!

Flava Events - If this looks like fun, join us at our next events! Check it!

Flava Events - Our models just love showing off their dicks in public. Make sure to join us at our upcoming events and get in on the action! Check it!

Flava Events - Partying all across the nation and across borders to the DR and BR. Ya'll should come visit us whenever we in your town. Check it!

Flava Events - The party just don't stop where we at. Party hard brothers and sisters! Check it!

Flava Events - We just don't stop to party hard and give ya'll a good show. Check it!

Flava Events - Where there is FlavaMen there's some crazy parties going on fa sho! Check it!

Flava Events - Yall shoulda been there! Check it!

Flava Events - Yep, we still partying like it's 1999. Yall shoulda been there! Check it!

Letters to the Editor - Even women love us! Check it!

Letters to the Editor - Kickin it international style down south in tha Africa and a bunch a other horny dudes. Check it!

Letters to the Editor - Nothing but praise. Where are all the haters? Check it!

Letters to the Editor - Yea, no doubt, that's some motherfuckin' inspirational poetry up in here. Check it!


Events - We like to pa-pa-party hard! Check it!


Black Prides and Events - Show your Pride, start booking your travel plans now! Check it!

Featured Clubs - Check out Thugboy Mondayz at Stonewall, OTDL at Club Zentra, Club Colours and Club Eros in Puerto Rico! Check it!

Featured Clubs - This issue we be taking a look at Jewel's Catch one in LA, The Prop House and Club Reunion in Chicago and Krash in NYC Check it!

Model Teasers:

69 - This light-skinned tower of a man (he stands 6'9", in case you're wondering how he really got this name) was referred to us by another model. When he came into the office to speak with the magazine ... well, it don't really hit you until you see the dude, just how tall THAT tall is. There was no doubt, though, that the mixed-race dude was one sexy-ass thug - with pretty much a perfect body, ripped abs, and a big ten-and-a-half-inch dick that the brotha likes to swing around like a billy club. Check it!

Alonzo - These are the assignments I like the most. Beautiful days full of beautiful men with beautiful hard bodies. It’s all just so....beautiful. Ninja Nixon once again, this time coming to you all from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and bringing you one of the finest papi’s walking these crowded streets, 5’10, 175 pound Alonzo. This 28 year old bi-sexual Taurus has one of the tightest bodies in Brazil and a serious case of “bedroom eyes”. Check it!

Anthony Andrews - Check it!

Antonio Alvarez - Check it!

Anubis - Yo, what’s good family! This ya boy Danger Zone livin’ it up at the Helios Paradise Resort in Palm Springs, California. Breion Diamond’s birthday Pool Party Fuck Fest was off the fizzy and I’m tryin’ to write this joint while I’m waitin’ for the after party. Ma man Anubis is one of the hottest up and comin’ adult models out there, and he just got finished doin’ his thing for an exotic photo shoot right here at Helios. Dude didn’t even bother takin’ a shower or gettin’ dressed before talkin’ to me. I thought I might have a little trouble concentratin’ on the interview watchin’ nut and shit drippin’ off the brotha’s dick, but that’s all in a day’s work for an industry soldier like Danger Zone. Nah mean? Check it!

B-Nasty - Just picture this Chitown native sliding his dick between your cheeks making you all wet wanting it more and more. Check it!

Baby Boy - His boyish looks will blow your mind. Check it!

Baby Boy and Columbia - A sweet, sexy, soulful kiss was only the beginning when we put the experienced Baby Boy with new kid on da block Columbia – and the cameras began to role. Baby Boy – who can play dominant topman or submissive bottom boi with tha same passion – took control of the situation here, and the braided bottom brotha Columbia was glad to be along for tha ride. Tha bois went hard and heavy for well over an hour, sweating up themselves and tha cameras, and things got so hot and heavy that afterward only Baby Boy could be grabbed long enough for a quick sit-down conversation. Check it!

Baby Star - This Heavenly Body comes to us straight out of Newalla, Oklahoma or as he puts it “Nowhere, OK”. Don’t let the small town upbringing fool you though, Baby Star is a twenty-one year old Gemini with an 8” cut dick and two big huge satellites orbiting his pretty pink hole, in other words he’s got a bangin’ backside. Check it!

Body - This hot ebony adonis allowed us to take some time out of his busy schedule so that you can meet the man behind that gorgeous frame. Check it!

Breion Diamond, Merecio and Mr Saukei - Breion, at only 21, is already close to icon status in the industry. His thirst for dick and ass can't be filled, and when everyone piled on the leather sofa it was obvious from word that Merecio - the newbie of the group - wasn't 100% prepared for the gangsta appetite of one of our finest. He got used to it real fast soon as the bois got naked and Breion's lips started working him over - and pretty soon, it was kind of hard for the cameras to keep up with one of the hottest threeways of play we've ever put onto film; even Mr. Saukei twisted that sexy little dancer's body of his into a few positions even WE'D never seen him in before. Check it!

Breion and Prophet - Like even a crowbar could pry these two apart ? Check it!

Brent - Brent is no stranger to FlavaMen, I'm sure yall will recall that hot ass shoot he had with Mr Saukei. Well, now he's back for his first solo shoot showing off his chiseled physique and yummy dick! Check it!

Brent and Mr Saukei - We like playing matchmaker here. Especially if it charges up the electricity in the room like these two horny, light-skinned homies did when north and south collided in our studios on a warm spring day in May. Since the recent move to Florida, we wanted to put together a pair of well-matched brothas - one from our old home in the Chicago area, and one from our new digs in the region of Miami, Florida - and we think we got real lucky. Check it!

C-Lo - C-Lo is like my baby brother; he was the first dude I met in Miami, and even now we hang out and raise a WHOLE lotta hell together. For someone his age especially, this light-skinned, pretty-boy shorty sure as hell has his act together – and though it took me awhile to do it, it was cool when C finally said hell yeah to posing for my favorite magazine. Tha brotha is cute, funny as hell, and has a body (and certain body parts) worth not only a look but a taste. Check it!

C. Mack - The dominant thug came to the set with a ton of sexual energy that rolled off him in waves; the photographer couldn't wait to get the sexy little shorty in front of the camera and let it all burn on film. C. Mack strutted his muscular body and hard eight inches for the camera in more positions than a Rubik's Cube, up to and including spreading his hairy hole wide to expose one kissable, fuckable ass. Check it!

Caramel D - Yo, when I first peeped Caramel D’s pic in my stack of models to interview my shit got hard. No bullshit. I saw that smooth creamed coffee brown skin, that thugged out pretty boy face and that tight ass compact 5’7” pit bull frame, and I was done son. I noticed that he said he was “straight” on his application, but that’s just a word to me, know what I’m sayin’. I knew I had to catch his shoot from start to finish. Check it!

Castro & King - Hey readers, I don't think you know what big dick is until you've met Castro. Check it!

Cayden Cooper and Kid Kudi - I hope you are ready for Fall and what better way to bring it in then to chat with the two hottest asses and dicks currently on the FlavaMen roster. I am DeAngelo Jackson and I was hanging out with Cayden Cooper while he rubbed Kid Kudi down from head to toe with a very sexy massage. Check it!

Chase Carter + Marion Mathis - Check it!

Chico - The Midwest breeds some phyne ass men, and Chico was a discovery that had the office buzzing for days. Slim, all man and sexy as hell. Check it!

Chico Nemo, El Devorador and Rocka Way - I hope you are ready for these three, because they know how to turn on the heat. These three hot and horny Latinos hail from the Dominican Republic and are all total freaks. The threesome action is a real heart stopper, if you aren't spend after seeing this then nothing can turn you on! Check it!

Chy Kyd + Protege - Chy Kyd is playing some online gaming with Protege on his PS4. Protege doesn't seem to be too good at it because Chy Kyd was whooping that ass. So Chy Kyd invites Protege to come over and hang out with him and they can play at his place instead of online. Protege comes over, but Chy Kyd had something else in mind. Next thing you know, Chy Kyd is pulling his dick out to offer Protege a taste. Protege goes down and shows off his head game. Chy Kyd is enjoying it so well, he waists no time in getting out of their clothes. Let check this hot clip out to see what happens next. Check it!

Chyna - We watched for awhile, Chyna in his muscle shirt unloading that truck, until we couldn't stand it anymore and approached this fine brotha about doin' a little modeling. He though it was all b.s. at first, but it turned out he was a fan of the magazine and the fine Black and Latin men that we feature in it; in fact, was honored we wanted him to be a part of it. He showed up for his shoot three days later, and after getting the clothes off we realized just how golden our newest golden boy was. Check it!

Claudio and Marques - ?This is great! You two already know each other!? I said, grinning like a fool. Then, before I could give them time to think, I motioned for Claudio to stand next to Marques, and I started filming. Check it!

Cody Kyler and Ninja Nixon - I just got the privilege of watching two of FlavaWorks fastest rising talents get together for a scorching hot show. Of course I’m talking about the drop dead sexy Ninja Nixon and the soft, young pretty boy Cody Kyler. Check it!

College - If there were ever a unique way to show patriotism it was displayed by this tantalizing hotboy. Check it!

Corporate - Damn, did I get lucky with this one; literally, this 6'1" light-skinned definition of "black is beautiful" came riding up to our door in a beater of a car - delivering lunch from an above-average restaurant he works for in New Jersey. Turns out it's just one of a few jobs the energetic, handsome-as-hell young brotha has, putting himself through school and aiming for a degree in Business Administration. Check it!

Cristiano - This Brazilian chulo is blessed with a big muscular body to die for, breathtaking brown eyes, full lips and a tasty uncut dick. Check it!

Curly - This Brazilian Papi has a beautiful body with a big dick. Check it!

DA - All you have to do is take one look at this guy to understand why "Da" means "Yes" in Russian; no one would turn down this Puerto Rican prince with his fat, uncut torpedo dick and washboard belly that practically screams to be licked. Check it!

Danger - Named after what he's been known for on the football field since college, Miami native Danger is a hulking bulk of testosterone-filled chocolate bar with a sensitive side (his favorite film: The Color Purple) who makes the ladies sit up and take notice - or lie down and take their medicine. From the smoky eyes and kissable lips on down, taking this beefcake in one slice at a time is a sweat-streaked joy - and when spotted at a firehouse chatting with a buddy, it was obvious right away that here was a man who'd be appreciated naked and in print. Check it!

Demarco Strong - Our cover boy Demarco got a billion reasons to be confident. This well endowed cocky man has a mega physique and a big hard dick to fuck with. Tall and all muscle, Demarco knows how to handle himself and it shows. Straight, but he's got the balls to show it all for you readers in this sizzling centerfold! Check it!

Dextor Dino - Check it!

Dru Lee - We ran into Dru in Miami who's been out in the clubs partying hard. The thick strong physique and that smile won us over right away, so we just had to get him to the Flava studio and capture all his beauty. Dru definitely isn't shy, showing off his dick for the world to see. He bares it all even in public, check out the photoshoot to find out more! Check it!

Eufeimeo - When I first saw EUFEIMEO I was jealous as hell, I can’t front. The hot 19-year-old Baltimore native came in, rocked the CocoDorm, and then bounced. With smooth golden brown skin, perfect pearly white teeth, bushy eyebrows and a tight naturally lean body; the brother was irresistible and attracted people to him like a magnet. He was too cute, too nice and too happy-go-lucky. Then I realized that I was hating. There was nothing wrong with this kid. He was madd cool and finer than a motherfucker. The type of dude that makes your heart skip a beat. It wasn’t his fault, he had it like that. Check it!

Eufeimeo and Freakzilla Diego - It’s blazing down here in beautiful Miami and it’s not the heat outside I am talking about. I was hanging out by the pool side when I saw the 10” big dicked Freakzilla link up with the sexy Eufeimeo. These two freaks linked up and headed upstairs where there was not much talking but a lot of man on man action that you have to check out. Check it!

Flamez - It’s a kind of brisk early spring morning for south Florida, but the sky is clear and the sun is bright in my eyes as I’m taking my usual morning run through my neighbor-hood with Lil Wayne blaring on my ipod. So, I’m cruising along at a nice pace and I notice a garbage truck pass me by. I al-most trip on a crack in the sidewalk when I see what jumps off the side of it. This hot 5’7” chulo was looking like a straight up latin king in a jumpsuit with a yellow bandanna wrapped around his head and headphones around his neck. He gives me that infamous “look” as I trot past him and I know that I have just discovered another exquisite Flava Men treasure. Check it!

Freakzilla Diego - I’m at this show out in LA and I really don’t want to be there. My friend dragged me downtown to this spruced up hole in the wall, because there is this dude that I have to see. This is not the first “perfect dime” that he has dragged me to check out. They are usually fives at best and strung out on drugs. I’m only there because the drinks are on him and I plan to be shitfaced by the end of the night. As it gets closer to time for dude to come on, my friend is getting crazy. Almost stupid. I’m thinking nobody looks that good, so I’m expecting this guy to be busted. But when this hot ass five-foot-ten inched pecan tanned brother named FreakZilla, with sexy hazel brown eyes and the body of a kung-fu dragon master, steps on stage; I get stupid! Check it!

Gilberto and Luca - Gilberto and Luca are two of the hottest Brazilian men we?ve ever seen, we mean these men are so much eye candy they will have you flying down to Rio in a heartbeat. Check it!

Golden Secret - Golden Secret is a chocolate lovers dream. An incredible package with a bit of padding in all the right places. You definitely don't wanna miss that ass, puts just about anything to shame! Golden really got into this shoot, completely out of breath by the end, he just couldn't stop shooting his nut all over the place! Check it!

Hotrod - Man, the east coast produces some hot brothas. Hot Rod’s smoldering stare is kinda like coming home after a longass day of work in the middle of winter – to find the fireplace already lit and the house as toasty as marshmallows at a campfire. That’s just Hot Rod’s way, not only in those big coffee-colored eyes but also when you’re talking to tha dude; he’s on the quiet side, obviously shy and not much used to talking about himself. Check it!

Ice King - Yo what’s crackin’ family!? This ya boy Baby Boy back at you wit ma man Ice King. This 22-year-old blatino reppin’ Miami Beach got that classic pretty boy look wit commandin’ eyes, ruby red lips and a heart meltin’ smile. Sexier than a mothafucka! He’s a single bisexual top packin’ nine phat inches of dick. I ain’t gonna front y’all, I want this one! I watched him bust off for his shoot and ma shit was hard as a brick. Check it!

Imagination & Lil Mann - Watch these 2 sexaholics interact with one another. Check it!

J-Kwon - Sometimes life just blesses you when you least expect it. And making a left turn when ya should have made a right can lead you to a goldmine. That's what happened when I found myself lost on a series of crunk-looking streets in Florida, trying to follow directions I'd written on a napkin to the house of a dude I met in a bar the night before. My handwriting ain't for shit, and pretty soon I realized I'd made a couple of wrong turns and was totally lost - in a not-so-great neighborhood covered in graffiti. It was late afternoon and I was getting frustrated as hell, heading west with the setting sun half-blinding me... Check it!

Jakari and Sensai - You could feel the temperature shoot up in the room when the kissing started - aggressive Jakari sucking Sensai's lips into his own, the two sharing spit and inhaling each other's mouths like there was no one else in the room. The pics kind of give you an idea of what went on from there, and with these two sex-starved, lean homeboys attacking each other like a free lunch, FlavaMen felt privileged to capture it all on film. Check it!

Jamarion - If you’ve been keeping up with the dorm dudes recently, then there is no doubt that tight little power bottom Jamarion has caught your eye. The first serious candidate for new Prince of the Dorm, this 6’2”, 180 pound gift of sexy caramel comes wrapped with the prettiest 9.5” cut package you ever did see and a fat juicy bubble ass that’s always just begging to get fucked. I sat down with Jamarion right after one of his solo shoots and his dick totally refused to go down! Talk about a hard day on the job! Check it!

Jay D - About the only thing NOT straight about this long, lean sex machine from The Sunshine State is that beautiful curved dick, which hangs suspended for over eight dark-brown inches pointing at the floor ? even when hard ? like some freak divining rod. Check it!

Jersey Kidd - Jersey Kidd is like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – on the outside, you got this sweet-ass chocolate coating you can’t wait to taste … and you know will melt in your mouth. You lick your lips in anticipation, then dive right in just when you at your hungriest. But then – on the inside – you find you got a different kind of flava; also sweet, but with a different texture and taste than what you expected. But both inside and out blend to make a treat that’s got a lot more inside it than you think it. Check it!

Jesse Rabbit - For those of you who haven’t gotten the chance to see him in action yet, it’s well worth the trip to to see this 19 year old Louisiana native fuck. Standing at five foot nine inches tall and a lean, mean 155 pounds, this versatile pretty boy has a thick nine inches of fat black dick and a beautiful backside, both just begging to be put to good work. Check it!

Jesus Santiago - Jesus is a sexy Latin papi with a beautiful smile, bright brown eyes and smooth caramel skin. Add to that a fat 8” cock and a tight, hairy bubble butt that’s just begging to be fucked all night long. I sat in the corner and tried my best not to watch him stroke his pretty dick or spread those juicy pound cakes, but by the time all was said and done, I’d had to excuse myself....twice. When I returned with clean hands and a clear head, Jesus and his gorgeous smile were already waiting for me. Check it!

Joe - Better at putting out fires, or causing them? You decide, as this former minor league baseball player ? who, after a leg injury, now fights fires for a living ? gives you a peek at his incredible hose from his own place in Miami. Check it!

Johnathan - Johnathan proved himself to be warm, friendly, and up for a photo shoot BIG TIME ? turns out the boy spends so much time at the beach, he?s gotten used to wearing as little clothing as necessary. Check it!

Kasch - Check it!

Ken Mariano - One look at Ken Mariano and you can already tell that it’s going to be an interesting night. Just shy of six feet tall and clocking in at a lean, mean one hundred and forty five pounds, this twenty year old Virgo out of East St. Louis is packing a pretty 9.5” uncut dick and a perfect round brown backside to match. Ken made waves late last year at the Cocodorm in Miami, and that’s where I caught up with him. Check it!

Kilo - Bad boy Kilo (and if you don't believe he's a bad boy - check out that flat, tasty belly) was a Miami discovery we literally found under our nose when he delivered flowers to our offices on a hot Friday afternoon. You know us - we make sure to jump on every new discovery - and Kilo, holy crap is this one worth jumping on. Check it!

King Dingo - Tyson Kobie coming to you once again, this time from Lakeland, Florida on my way to visit Flava Works newest Latin sensation King Dingo. For those who don’t know, imagine six foot four inches and one hundred eighty-four pounds of rock hard, Latino muscle wrapped in smooth caramel skin with more than ten tattoos and a SUPER thick 11.5” cut dick that’s ready and willing to fuck anything thrown at it and you’ve got King Dingo. Check it!

Krave - With the dick, the looks and the ass this New Yorker is definietely one to be kraved after. Check it!

Leo Luv - His name is Leo Luv and he’s a definite dime piece. Standing about six feet even and light as a feather at 145, I’ve been peeking in on his photo shoot for the last hour or so and I CAN’T WAIT to get a chance to speak with this one. Check it!

Leon Holt - Check it!

Lex - Far removed from the usual bright lights and big city atmosphere of Miami, I’m here in Wilmington, Delaware to catch up with Lex, one of the highest rated models across all of our amazing sites. Standing at 5’11” and packing 8” of cut pinga beneath a lean 170 pounds of well defined....everything, this bi-sexual chulo will have you undressed and ready to do whatever within seconds of a gaze from those penetrating brown eyes. He certainly had me ready to do some thangs when I sat down with him after his steaming photo shoot. Check it!

Lex - This 20 - year old blatino thug is definitely a man of ?Flava?. Lex has the looks, the body and an undeniable sexiness that will captivate you. Check it!

Lil CT - Lil CT has the kind of eyes that bore through you - there's both a brain and some sensitivity behind them - and tha versatile dude seems like a deep sort of soul for someone only 20 years old. After his shoot, he sat down to talk and yeah - you can tell tha brotha is deep. Check it!

Marcus Major - Marcus Major. From the second he looks at you, you’re totally under his spell. This Fort Lauderdale native stands at nearly six feet but keeps his body at a tight, sexy 176 pounds with training in various martial arts and a daily 5k. He owns the night with his eight and a half inch cut meat monster and the most BEAUTIFUL ass in all of existence. No kidding. Check it!

Markell - Really, what can you say about Markell that hasn’t already been pounded into the ground? This versatile powerhouse set on FIRE during his initial stay, so it was natural that when the loyal members started tossing around names of models they would like to see again, Markell was on every ones list. Check it!

Merecio - For real, this brotha has what it takes – and in a hotel suite decked out more to look like an ancient Roman bath, the sexy, long-legged Connecticut native stretched out and pulled it out – for a photo-shoot that shows why Merecio is on his way to becomin’ a superstar. Check it!

Mikeal Race - Mikeal Race is hot. Plain and simple. This sexy eighteen-year-old redbone comes to us straight from the CocoDorm, oozing with the confidence of a man twice his age. I’ve been feeling this hot young brother since day one. From his dreamy bedroom eyes to his pretty light brown dick hanging eight inches low. Mikeal’s skin is smooth as fresh churned butter and his moist brownish pink lips seem like they were designed solely to be kissed. I watched the video from his photo shoot a good fifty times before I conducted a telephone interview with him, while he was in Pittsburgh on a little hiatus from the dorm. Check it!

Mitch Micheals - Take a look at this tall smooth glass of water. Check it!

Neiko Nolan - Cute Neiko rollin up in dis piece right here thinking he can woo us with his charms and boyish good looks. Well, turns out he's right! Our photographer just couldn't keep it in his pants and had to catch this cutie from all angles. Check it!

Nick Da Kannon - You can for sho' check out Nick's cannon in a coupla films already, but da kid is sort of new to tha modeling game - tho' ready to blow up BIG as the 11-inch piece that schwangs between his strong, lean legs. A bisexual brotha from Caliland, Nick sent us some photos of his fine self to break into that biz, along with a cover letter that sounded cocky as hell. Soon as we spied the photos - that good-looking thug face, and that huge donkey-piece he goes to bat with - we realized the cockiness was deserved, and signed da dude right away. Check it!

Noah Shyboy Jackson - Shyboy is a bit of a misnomer, because there's nothing shy about this dude. He loves to be watched and started his career at the CocoDorm being in front of cameras all the time. He's a true freak, showing everything on the rooftops of Miami in plain view of everybody. He's got what it takes to be a star. Check it!

Onyx D, OPP and RT - What do ya get when you take three hot and horny dudes - two brothas and one seriously thugged-out Latino - and take them from their day job doing construction (where each has to live their day acting straighter than a ruler, in front of all those bulging muscles and even more bulging jeans)... then put them in a room, and ask them to show you how the guys really play when the prying eyes are away. Check it!

PM Dawn - This sexy brother with a black naturally uncut dick swinging nine inches of pleasure is a promising star at CocoDorm. com and is one of the reasons Miami is so hot right now. We are so lucky and really excited to have this West Coast native cum all up on all the hot bottoms in the dorm. Standing six foot tall and 165lbs this 22 year old is no stranger to banging out the back of a willing bottom. I had the chance to sit on, I mean sit down with PM Dawn right before his sexy photo shoot. Check it!

Patrick - Even though he's very private and laid - back, Patrick doesn't have a problem showing his body, in fact he loves to. Check it!

Phantom - He is just the nigga to assist with all of your sexual fantasies. Check it!

Platinum & Shareef - Shareef worked on Platinum like a pro. With Platinum bent over the couch, legs spread and ass poking out... Check it!

Playboy Redd - From the second Playboy Redd strolled onto the beach wearing nothing more than the underwear covering his pretty little caramel kiss ass you could tell that this photo shoot was going to be something special. His initial shyness faded quickly and pretty soon he was stylin’ and profilin’ all 150 pounds of that chisled five foot eleven frame all over the place. More than a few curious passerby stopped to get a glimpse of this mocha skinned Adonis and when all was said and done that fat nine and a half inch piece had fielded more than a few numbers. Check it!

Pnetraytor and Romeo St. James - Putting Pnetraytor - the deserved veteran of the Dorm Life film series, whose skills as a topman have left many a hole raw and begging for more - together with relative newcummer Romeo St. James was nothing short of rubbing two sticks of dynamite together. The two bisexual brothas from Pennsylvania met through CocoDorm, and developed an instant liking for each other that had to be captured on film. Check it!

Prince Junior - Big-dicked and with an ass you could eat ice cream out of, Prince Jr. is a tall drink of water ? or is it mocha latte? Check it!

Q - This chiseled heavy weight is truly the epitome of thug passion. Check it!

Qpid Eros and Snow Bunni - I wish you were here in this hotel room with me, because I just witnessed one of the hottest sex sessions in porn history, other than one of my own. Two of Thug Boy’s hottest light skin boys get together to spice things up with sex, sex, and more sex. Qpid Eros plus Snow Bunni equals hot sex and lots of shooting. Check it!

Red King - Now this is a man with swagger, all gangsta through and through, with a big pipe to back him all up. Slim, tall, just damn sexy. This brotha is all about showing off and what a show he puts on! This was definitely one our hottest shoots to date, this kid ain't messing around! Check it!

Rhino - I was hooked on this man with no shame in his game from word, and being that rhinos are heading toward extinction, I dame FO' SHO' wanted to capture this dude on film forever! I gave him a card before his girl got back, and left the club having never seen my friend, my body in a cold sweat and heart racing and remembering those little sprigs of hair sticking out of the open throat of his black shirt. DAMN, this was one fine straight boy! Check it!

Ricardo Guerrerio - Ricardo’s body is a work of art, and not to use a feminine term but in person tha man just brings tha word “beautiful” to your mind. Tha boi’s a work of art from head to toe on his own – without the tatts – but Ricardo’s also turned his body into a canvas worth exploring … visually, through touch and taste – you name it. This brotha all but begged to sit in on the photo session after Ricardo had signed up for tha program – and afterward, I got the bigger blessing of curlin’ up on a couch with this Brazilian boy-toy for a chat (through an interpreter) about the man behind tha smile … and all them tattoos. Check it!

Rick The Ruler - ?It was fuckin? SWEET!? he yelled, rushing into my hotel room about 90 seconds later (turns out, he?d been calling from downstairs). He grabbed my face and kissed me, hard, his tongue sliding in to slurp mine, and there was enough passion behind that kiss to make me dizzy. Check it!

Rizzo - With long corn rolls, a nice chest, tight abs and a gigantic 9? uncut piece of meat Rizzo is absolutely breathtaking. Check it!

Rod Silvia - This beautiful brown papi straight from the rough and tumble streets of Deerfield Beach, Florida (because we all know Deerfield gets it poppin’) was more than ready to get down to the nitty gritty when out cameras showed up at his hotel room and we were more than ready to film all hundred and forty seven pounds of his five foot seven inch frame. Not to mention those seven inches of beautiful uncut cock hanging between his legs. Check it!

Ruan - We signed up this Brazilian slab of beef the minute we laid eyes on him on the streets of Rio. The guy radiates total manhood, from his disarming smile to trim but toned physique - and the sick part is, he's sweet as apple pie, too, without a conceited bone in his body. We side with the Greek - this boy is pure boyfriend material, and we're proud to feature him in his first nude photo- shoot ever. Check it!

Sayvion, Aires & Scorpio - To say that this three-way was off da hook is an understatement. Sexy-Sayvion, Sinister-Scorpio and a guest appearance by the lil Hotboy-Aries without a doubt made the session hot. Check it!

Schann - Yo, this is ya boy Danger Zone settin’ it off wit ma man Schann, the sexy young hottie from Miami, Florida currently scorchin’ the pages of this year’s Flava Men summer issue wit his stunning 5’11” muscular frame and mighty nine inches of dick. His shit is just how I like ‘em too; long and fat wit a rough imperfectly circumcised head. Home boy dazzled our crew wit his charm and charisma, treatin’ us to a spectacular display of sensual manhood while he jacked his tantalizin’ pecan tanned magic stick into an eventual hot thick milky climax. Check it!

Sean Sanchez - This sexy chocolate love is ready to give you everything you need. If you need a nice ass he got it, you need a big ass dick, he got that too, and attitude? He's got a shitton of that as well. Check this thug out! Check it!

Sexy Dude - This 5?7? chocolate wonder has plenty of dick, 9.5? to be exact and knows how to use it. Check it!

Shabazz - It is really exciting to be welcoming home a pro that left us for a while. Shabazz is back and he is here to take on all the dick that he left behind and tackle some of the new dick that was not around when he was here before. I am your boy Ken Marino and I am glad to have him back on the team, because his fans have really missed him. This sexy New Yorker with a long pretty 8” dick and seductive brown eyes is the one who always gets things heated up on set. Check it!

Shine & Vito - This is by far the most interesting duo in the magazine. Both Shine and Vito are tops, or so we thought! Check it!

Smooth - Just in case you were wondering, yes. That is Smooths real crib in Thug Mansion. It’s even more impressive in person and just thinking about all the intense ass fucking that has taken place within those walls is enough to make you cream on yourself. The second this 26 year old New Jersey native came down the steps the room lit up and what was before just a normal living room turned into some sort of Heaven as that 5’10”, 157 pound Hershey Kiss of a man sat down across from me and picked up a half smoked blunt from an ash tray that I hadn’t even noticed was sitting right in front of me. Check it!

Sonic - We found Sonic at a stoplight – after getting his car bumped from behind by a pretty little female with a blonde weave, who was almost crying ‘cause she’d hit him. As I pulled over to the curb in my own car to watch, I saw Sonic jump outta his Mustang pissed as hell when he got hit … but he calmed down right away so that the little lady who bumped him wouldn’t go more to pieces than she already had. It was a minor bump in a quiet south Florida neighborhood, no bloodshed and even less drama, and after they’d swapped their info – and Sonic had told this gal, for like the 800th time, that everything was cool and he wasn’t gonna sue her – I got outta my car right as she was pulling away, getting together tha balls myself to approach this fine, dreamy-eyed brotha. Check it!

Sport - Watch as this cutie shows you his athletic abilities on and off the field. Check it!

Sway Boy and Willie Grays - It’s burning up inside this apartment down here in the Dominican Republic and not because someone is cooking inside the kitchen, but Swa Boy and Willie Grays are making it really hot! I am your boy Flamez and I like it hot and these two stars are getting it hot for you. I was hanging out at Willie Gray’s place waiting on the Swa Boy to bring his sexy ass out the shower before making my move. But before I could even jump in these two were already at it. Check it!

Tato - Tato tha Vato stands at exactly 6-feet tall, and when he comes into a room ya know right away that this is a straight dude who is sort of a mass of contradictions; boyish but masculine, aggressive yet shy, a total cholo who also wraps ya up in a bear hug, like you been his best friend for a hundred years. Check it!

Taz Alexanders - This time it’s 19-year-old Taz Alexanders, currently visiting the Dorm from Tacoma, Washington. One of the many hotties currently residing at the Dorm. Taz, who clocks in at 5’10” tall and 135 pounds of chocolate muscle, says that his best feature has got to be his thick, 7” cut dick. Always hard and ready for some action, I caught Taz outside the Dorm as he was washing one of his tips. Check it!

Thiago and Caio - And immediately saw Thiago, who was flipping burgers in the back, standing in a white cap and apron over the grungiest grill I?d ever seen. My heart went into my neck and my crotch went into meltdown; when the waitress asked what I wanted to order, I simply pointed my finger at this incredible guy cooking in the kitchen, and said, ?Him. To go.? Check it!

Tony Montana - When Tony Montana strolled into our offices during a model call, with that killer grin lighting up his pretty-boy-thug face like a thousand-watt spotlight, we knew even before tha dude's clothes were off that this was FlavaMan material. Check it!

Toonez - Check it!

Trell Truman - Always gotta have that innocent pretty boy in every issue, and here he is. Only 18 years young, but all professional already when it comes to stripping down for yall. It didn't take him long to make up his mind and bare it all. He knows he's got a fantastic body, so why not make some cash with it? As for the rest of us, we get to enjoy the show! Check it!

Trey Donovan - Check it!

Tu Tigeraso and Willie Grays - Elmo Jackson here, this time coming at y’all from beautiful Santo Domingo where I had the pleasure of sitting down with two of the hottest papis on the planet and exclusive models with, Tu Tigueraso and Willie Grays. The raw chemistry between these two was evident from the second I walked through the door and when I got the chance to sit down with them I found out why. Check it!

Tyga X - Tyga one can forget about this sexy dread head packing a nice piece of meat. Thick and ready to spit that load just for you. Watch Tyga X stroke his dick and show you sides that will get you going. A hard dick is definitely guaranteed in this one. Check it!

Tyrelle - All thug, you don't fuck wit dis brotha. Big and strong and mean as hell. He can sling some dick and handle himself on the mean streets of Chicago. When approached for a shoot he don't give a fuck what it was about, he just wanted the money and stroke his ego, and dick for you. Check dis thug out! Check it!

Tyrelle 3 - Check it!

Tyrice Wood & Amir - Comin at ya from the city of brotherly love Check it!

Vishus - I’m at O’Hare International Airport in Chi-town waiting for my flight back to Miami when I spot this hot ass medium mocha brown brother with delicious semi-full lips and amazing light hazel brown eyes, strutting past me. He’s got that rugged handsome thing going and I watch him approach the counter. I assume he receives the same news that I received five minutes earlier. Our flight is delayed about forty minutes. When our eyes meet as he sits directly across from me, I notice that his eyes are now more light oak than hazel. I also notice by a simple nod that he’s “with it”. Check it!

Yusef Johnson - Yusef turned out to be a real sweetheart, shy to the point of being embarrassed when I asked him about posing nude. He?d never posed nude before, but the more I spoke with him the more the idea seemed to intrigue him ? even turn him on. Check it!


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