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Baby Boy and Robson Costa - The Pandora?s Box opened wide from there, and in minutes the two were undressing each other, Baby Boy?s mouth all over his handsome new thug-friend. Robson grinned, at times holding his dick away from Baby Boy so the kid couldn?t touch, but this brotha wasn?t taking no for an answer. My camera kept flashing away, catching it all, and I was smart enough to shut up and let it all flow naturally. Check it!


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Jay D - About the only thing NOT straight about this long, lean sex machine from The Sunshine State is that beautiful curved dick, which hangs suspended for over eight dark-brown inches pointing at the floor ? even when hard ? like some freak divining rod. Check it!

Joe - Better at putting out fires, or causing them? You decide, as this former minor league baseball player ? who, after a leg injury, now fights fires for a living ? gives you a peek at his incredible hose from his own place in Miami. Check it!

Rick The Ruler - ?It was fuckin? SWEET!? he yelled, rushing into my hotel room about 90 seconds later (turns out, he?d been calling from downstairs). He grabbed my face and kissed me, hard, his tongue sliding in to slurp mine, and there was enough passion behind that kiss to make me dizzy. Check it!

Thiago and Caio - And immediately saw Thiago, who was flipping burgers in the back, standing in a white cap and apron over the grungiest grill I?d ever seen. My heart went into my neck and my crotch went into meltdown; when the waitress asked what I wanted to order, I simply pointed my finger at this incredible guy cooking in the kitchen, and said, ?Him. To go.? Check it!


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