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Heat - This Philadelphia hotboy is the object of many men's wet dreams. I first met Heat in Philly a couple of years ago at a local gym and even back then the body was on point. A very friendly Heat approached me and asked if I needed to be spotted and that was kewl so we ended up doing our remaining sets together... Check it!


Flava Events - If this looks like fun, join us at our next events! Check it!


Featured Clubs - This issue we be taking a look at Jewel's Catch one in LA, The Prop House and Club Reunion in Chicago and Krash in NYC Check it!

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Body - This hot ebony adonis allowed us to take some time out of his busy schedule so that you can meet the man behind that gorgeous frame. Check it!

Cristiano - This Brazilian chulo is blessed with a big muscular body to die for, breathtaking brown eyes, full lips and a tasty uncut dick. Check it!

Platinum & Shareef - Shareef worked on Platinum like a pro. With Platinum bent over the couch, legs spread and ass poking out... Check it!

Shine & Vito - This is by far the most interesting duo in the magazine. Both Shine and Vito are tops, or so we thought! Check it!

Sport - Watch as this cutie shows you his athletic abilities on and off the field. Check it!


Video Reviews - This time we mastur... eh, reviewed Castro 2 - The Fuck Video, Dorm Life 4 and the incredible Rio Uncut Vol 1! Check it!

Website Reviews - Check out,, and stay far far away from them whack mofos over at! Check it!