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Ninja Nixon - He looks like a certain incarcerated rapper doesn’t he? Don’t worry, he hears it a lot but all this 21-year-old Sagittarius from Baltimore is concerned with right now is taking the industry by storm. He should not have any problems doing so. With 8” of cut dick, a BEAUTIFUL backside and smooth, blemish free skin, don’t let his thuggish mean mug fool you. Check it!


Events - FlavaMen always wit ya partying. And don't forget to check the pics from our first BlatinoAwards show! Check it!

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Baby Star - This Heavenly Body comes to us straight out of Newalla, Oklahoma or as he puts it “Nowhere, OK”. Don’t let the small town upbringing fool you though, Baby Star is a twenty-one year old Gemini with an 8” cut dick and two big huge satellites orbiting his pretty pink hole, in other words he’s got a bangin’ backside. Check it!

Marcus Major - Marcus Major. From the second he looks at you, you’re totally under his spell. This Fort Lauderdale native stands at nearly six feet but keeps his body at a tight, sexy 176 pounds with training in various martial arts and a daily 5k. He owns the night with his eight and a half inch cut meat monster and the most BEAUTIFUL ass in all of existence. No kidding. Check it!

Markell - Really, what can you say about Markell that hasn’t already been pounded into the ground? This versatile powerhouse set on FIRE during his initial stay, so it was natural that when the loyal members started tossing around names of models they would like to see again, Markell was on every ones list. Check it!