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DeAngelo Jackson - As always I’m checking for the sexiest brothas on the planet and I think I may have found him in DeAngelo Jackson. Born in Germany, his sexy body and gorgeous track back are only overshadowed by his beautiful 7.5” cut monster dick. I happened to spot him working out down on the beach and approached him about coming in for some photos. He was all smiles and later that same day DeAngelo strolled into the Flava Works office with those perfect pearly whites showing, ready to get to business. After an AMAZING two hour photo shoot, I finally got the chance to sit down with him, but my mind was HARDLY on the interview. Check it!

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Jamarion - If you’ve been keeping up with the dorm dudes recently, then there is no doubt that tight little power bottom Jamarion has caught your eye. The first serious candidate for new Prince of the Dorm, this 6’2”, 180 pound gift of sexy caramel comes wrapped with the prettiest 9.5” cut package you ever did see and a fat juicy bubble ass that’s always just begging to get fucked. I sat down with Jamarion right after one of his solo shoots and his dick totally refused to go down! Talk about a hard day on the job! Check it!

Jesus Santiago - Jesus is a sexy Latin papi with a beautiful smile, bright brown eyes and smooth caramel skin. Add to that a fat 8” cock and a tight, hairy bubble butt that’s just begging to be fucked all night long. I sat in the corner and tried my best not to watch him stroke his pretty dick or spread those juicy pound cakes, but by the time all was said and done, I’d had to excuse myself....twice. When I returned with clean hands and a clear head, Jesus and his gorgeous smile were already waiting for me. Check it!


Dancing with the Devil - Taylor Siluwé, a Jersey City native and a contributing editor to “Out IN Jersey,” has just released his first collection of short stories entitled, “Dancing with The Devil.” The 205-page effort journeys into some of the most hellish scenarios one would least expect to find love and yet, as the writer more than capably shows, love, like weeds through brick, sprouts in many of the most unlikely places. Check it!