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T.I. Da King - We took one look at him (and got his shirt off), then asked how big his dick was... and that answer made us immediately sign this young, baby-faced thug up for a shoot. Now Da King is on the cover of (and the centerfold for) the very magazine he wanted to sweep floors or make copies or run errands for. Check it!

Model Teasers:

Chyna - We watched for awhile, Chyna in his muscle shirt unloading that truck, until we couldn't stand it anymore and approached this fine brotha about doin' a little modeling. He though it was all b.s. at first, but it turned out he was a fan of the magazine and the fine Black and Latin men that we feature in it; in fact, was honored we wanted him to be a part of it. He showed up for his shoot three days later, and after getting the clothes off we realized just how golden our newest golden boy was. Check it!

Jakari and Sensai - You could feel the temperature shoot up in the room when the kissing started - aggressive Jakari sucking Sensai's lips into his own, the two sharing spit and inhaling each other's mouths like there was no one else in the room. The pics kind of give you an idea of what went on from there, and with these two sex-starved, lean homeboys attacking each other like a free lunch, FlavaMen felt privileged to capture it all on film. Check it!

Kilo - Bad boy Kilo (and if you don't believe he's a bad boy - check out that flat, tasty belly) was a Miami discovery we literally found under our nose when he delivered flowers to our offices on a hot Friday afternoon. You know us - we make sure to jump on every new discovery - and Kilo, holy crap is this one worth jumping on. Check it!

Tato - Tato tha Vato stands at exactly 6-feet tall, and when he comes into a room ya know right away that this is a straight dude who is sort of a mass of contradictions; boyish but masculine, aggressive yet shy, a total cholo who also wraps ya up in a bear hug, like you been his best friend for a hundred years. Check it!