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Danger Zone - “A warning and a promise.” says Danger when asked to explain his name. Judging from the mean mug on this 19 year old Miami natives face you wouldn’t want to meet him in a back alley or approach him on the streets for that matter. This bi chulo makes double sure that anyone man enough to step to him walks away with a smile on his face though, and his fat nine inch pinga is just as dangerous as the brotha himself. Nothing wrong with asking him a few questions I hope. Check it!

Model Teasers:

Playboy Redd - From the second Playboy Redd strolled onto the beach wearing nothing more than the underwear covering his pretty little caramel kiss ass you could tell that this photo shoot was going to be something special. His initial shyness faded quickly and pretty soon he was stylin’ and profilin’ all 150 pounds of that chisled five foot eleven frame all over the place. More than a few curious passerby stopped to get a glimpse of this mocha skinned Adonis and when all was said and done that fat nine and a half inch piece had fielded more than a few numbers. Check it!

Rod Silvia - This beautiful brown papi straight from the rough and tumble streets of Deerfield Beach, Florida (because we all know Deerfield gets it poppin’) was more than ready to get down to the nitty gritty when out cameras showed up at his hotel room and we were more than ready to film all hundred and forty seven pounds of his five foot seven inch frame. Not to mention those seven inches of beautiful uncut cock hanging between his legs. Check it!

Smooth - Just in case you were wondering, yes. That is Smooths real crib in Thug Mansion. It’s even more impressive in person and just thinking about all the intense ass fucking that has taken place within those walls is enough to make you cream on yourself. The second this 26 year old New Jersey native came down the steps the room lit up and what was before just a normal living room turned into some sort of Heaven as that 5’10”, 157 pound Hershey Kiss of a man sat down across from me and picked up a half smoked blunt from an ash tray that I hadn’t even noticed was sitting right in front of me. Check it!