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Saint D - Saint D's name fits him about the same way "Curly" fit the bald dude from the Three Stooges. We're assuming the "D" comes via Dallas - where this sexy, long and lean brotha with the killer smile hails from - but "saint" he ain't... as we quickly learned the first time we saw him on the dance floor at a FlavaMen event. Tha brotha moves like a panther; catlike and graceful, but 100% masculine. Check it!


Flava Events - Partying all across the nation and across borders to the DR and BR. Ya'll should come visit us whenever we in your town. Check it!

Letters to the Editor - Kickin it international style down south in tha Africa and a bunch a other horny dudes. Check it!

Model Teasers:

C. Mack - The dominant thug came to the set with a ton of sexual energy that rolled off him in waves; the photographer couldn't wait to get the sexy little shorty in front of the camera and let it all burn on film. C. Mack strutted his muscular body and hard eight inches for the camera in more positions than a Rubik's Cube, up to and including spreading his hairy hole wide to expose one kissable, fuckable ass. Check it!

Corporate - Damn, did I get lucky with this one; literally, this 6'1" light-skinned definition of "black is beautiful" came riding up to our door in a beater of a car - delivering lunch from an above-average restaurant he works for in New Jersey. Turns out it's just one of a few jobs the energetic, handsome-as-hell young brotha has, putting himself through school and aiming for a degree in Business Administration. Check it!

DA - All you have to do is take one look at this guy to understand why "Da" means "Yes" in Russian; no one would turn down this Puerto Rican prince with his fat, uncut torpedo dick and washboard belly that practically screams to be licked. Check it!

Pnetraytor and Romeo St. James - Putting Pnetraytor - the deserved veteran of the Dorm Life film series, whose skills as a topman have left many a hole raw and begging for more - together with relative newcummer Romeo St. James was nothing short of rubbing two sticks of dynamite together. The two bisexual brothas from Pennsylvania met through CocoDorm, and developed an instant liking for each other that had to be captured on film. Check it!


Video Reviews - This is for all ya who are just as pissed as me that Consumer Reports don't do no porn. Fuck em, we got you covered. Check it!

Web Reviews - Some like em big and powerful. These guys can snap you in half for real and you'll love every second of it. Check it!